25.5.2024, Osnabrück, CSD

Osnabrück is a city with a long queer tradition and we are delighted to be part of this year's CSD. Bright and colorful instead of brownshi(r)ts!


Date: 25.5.2024
Time: 2pm
Location: Domhof, Platz der Deutschen Einheit, 49074 Osnabrück
Entry: free
live live live live

8.6.2024, Bayreuth, CSD

CSD Bayreuth is still young and we are excited to see how many Wagnerians we can get to reflect on their gender, sexuality and acceptance of interpersonal differences.


Date: 8.6.2024
Time: 2pm
Location: La-Spezia-Platz, 95444 Bayreuth
Entry: free
live live live live

22.6.2024, Rendsburg, CSD

It's the 10th anniversary of the Rendsburg Rainbow Group - of course we're coming to the north to congratulate and play you some tunes!


Date: 22.6.2024
Time: 10 pm
Location: Stadtseegelände, 24768 Rendsburg
Entry: free
live live live live

List of past concerts

03/2024: Berlin, Stage Night, Baergarten (RSO)

10/2023: Berlin, Köpenicenstein, HdJK

09/2023: Stendal: CSD

08/2023: Hennigsdorf, Rock am Hafen
07/2023: Berlin, Kiez rockt!, Heinrichtreff
06/2023: Salzwedel: CSD

04/2023: Schönebeck (Elbe): CSD

03/2023: Berlin, 4 Bands 4 Pumpe Festival & Artbook-Release, Alte Pumpe

10/2022: Berlin, Airships & Aliens, Junction Bar

09/2022: Berlin, Fest der Vielfalt, Prerower Platz

09/2022: Berlin, resurrection ZINE, 12°Aetherloge

06/2022: Berlin, Fête de la Musique, Prerower Platz

05/2022: Berlin, Franka Furta‘s Space Bar, 12°Aetherloge

04/2022: Berlin, Look Mom, the Aliens are Back, 12°Aetherloge

01/2020: Berlin, Farewell General, 12°Aetherloge

11/2019: Berlin, Die Anstalt

10/2019: Berlin, Zosch

08/2019: Lehrte, Gut Adolphshof

06/2019: Berlin, Junction Bar

11/2018: Lehrte, Gut Adolphshof

11/2018: Berlin, 12°Aetherloge

09/2018: Berlin, Zosch

05/2018: Hamburg, KIR

05/2018: Oldenburg, Polyester

02/2018: Berlin, Stranger Galaxies, Zosch

01/2018: Oldenburg, Polyester

01/2018: Hamburg, Dark Electronic Sounds, KIR

06/2017: Leipzig, WGT, Bipolar X

05/2017: Berlin, We Come In Peace, 12°Aetherloge

12/2016: Leipzig, Bipolar X

11/2016: Berlin, 12°Aetherloge

04/2016: Berlin, 12°Aetherloge

11/2015: Berlin, 12°Aetherloge

07/2015: Halle (Saale), KleinKunstNacht 4

04/2015: Berlin, 2nd Stage, Verlängertes Wohnzimmer

01/2015: Berlin, Initial Contact, Verlängertes Wohnzimmer